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In memoriam/In futurum

Visual identity, website and logo for In memoriam/In futurum.

"In memoriam/In futurum is an interdisciplinary artistic project with curating students at Stockholm University, artists studying at the Royal Institute of Art (KKH) and student researchers from different departments at Stockholm University. … an experimental zine project bridging art and science"

The task was to create a simple logo and some sort of visual coherence for the project's website and social media channels. As In memoriam/In futurum circulates around experimentation I was given completely free hands next to the keywords changeable, playful (non-corporate) and research, as well as the color orange. 


I went for the typeface Syne, which has a nice contrast between modern strictness and experimental playfulness. The mischievous italic style became the foundation of the illustrations, hinting of both experimentation and research, with its scientific symbols made into little "artworks". The orange shapes are a product of my own experimentation, starting with simple vector shapes, printed through a Risograph, run through the scanner and finally distorted in Photoshop. All shapes and illustrations can be combined freely as a way for the management to experiment themselves along the way, and have the visuals be constantly changeable and organic.


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