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HDC Weekly Magazine

Herräng Dance camp is the world's largest and oldest swing dance festival running for five weeks each summer outside of Stockholm, Sweden. In 2016 they decided to update their weekly brochure—previously just filled with plain text and information about the camp's facilities—and partly turn it into an editorial magazine. As the company's only active graphic designer I was in charge for the entire base design, layout and illustrations, and worked closely together with the editor to develop and create the content of the magazines.

HDC Weekly Magazine is handed out to all participants of the festival for free, with one new issue per week, featuring an interview with a dancer teaching at the camp that particular week. Each issue has its own primary color (from the graphic identity) to differentiate it from the previous weeks, as some people stay at the camp for a longer period of time.

Running each festival since 2017, five issues per year. 28 pages. A5.

Publisher: Herräng Dance Camp

Editor in Chief: Annika Munter

Main Photographer: Tamara Pinco

Graphic Design and Illustration: Frida Häggström Gerdt

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